Latam Smart City Awards

Welcome to the LATAM Smart City Awards!

Organized by the Smart City Expo LATAM Congress and the Alianza Smart Latam, this open call is aimed at recognizing and rewarding those public and private stakeholders who have implemented sustainable and innovative projects in cities and territories of Latin America.

Please find the application form below. Before filling it in, make sure you read the TERMS & CONDITIONS. Submissions will be evaluated according to the evaluation criteria set forth in this document.

Submissions must be made in English or Spanish; proposals in other languages will be disqualified.

Contact Data

Each of the prize categories in the “Latam Smart City Awards” have a unique set of criteria for accepting and evaluating submissions. Please choose a Prize Category to accompany your submission. Please give this decision a special consideration, as any submission not meeting the criteria set forth for the chosen category will be disqualified

Award Proposal Details
Topics Main keywords

Renewable energies, energetic efficiency, climate change, sustainable tourism, environmental quality, resilience, urbanism and urban design, historical, cultural and environmental heritage, public spaces, Smart rural, accessibility and mobility, sustainable urbanism, public transport, infrastructures, supramunicipal mobility, infrastructures and services funding, metropolitan dimension, rural environment, smart buildings, water management

Metropolitan and regional dimension, collaboration of all government levels, institutional reinforcement, Public-private partnerships, Projects funding, Network of cities, Alliances

Technologic innovation, talent and knowledge, startups and entrepreneurship, tourism innovative products, collaborative economy, university-company collaboration, education, territorial connectivity, technologic centres, technologic and innovation laboratories

Social equity, social participation, security, social innovation, community development, historic centres and life quality, transparency, E-Government, Open Government, WeGovernment, Smart citizens, digital inclusion, health, smart rural

New technologies, efficient urban services, big data, cloud computing, open data, data analytics and data display, Data-driven innovation, real time city, Internet of Things, Utilities, Smart destinations, artificial intelligence, public services modernization, iWater, connected cars

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Max. 2500 characters
You may include the context of implementation, added value of the proposal, methodology of resolution, solutions/conclusions, and any other information helpful to understanding the main ideas of your proposal.

Max. 300 characters

Max. 300 characters
You may include the influence area or scale of your proposal, e.g. region, city or neighbourhood level.

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You may include here a link to an explanatory website or video of the proposal.

1 document upload - only PDF – max 10 pages/slides

Max. 3 images - only high resolution JPEG (2048px or more)
If your proposal is selected as a finalist, the organizers may make public these images

Key Dates
May 16th
Call for Awards launched
July 1st
Deadline for submitting proposals
August 6th
Selected finalist participants from all categories will be informed
11th September
Inauguration of the 3rd edition of SCELC
12th September
Winners of each prize category will be announced at the “Latam Smart City Awards”
Awards Technical Office
+00 34 934 097 482